Biggest League of Legends Pro Competitions You Need to Watch

Now as an actual sport (called as eSports), League of Legends will definitely have tournaments and competitions for people to watch. Either to see their favourite professionals in action or to learn from the professional scene, there are just too many to look out for. Being one of the biggest MOBA game and eSport, tons of competitions happen around the globe. However, here are some competitions players will definitely want to watch.

NA LCS (North Americal), EU LCS (Europe), LCK (Korea)

These 3 competitions nearly have the same format with each other. Of course, the teams and players are different. Depending on where the player is, they may prefer watching the one closest to them. The other matches in other competitions can still be viewed online especially via YouTube. Although usually an NA player would watch the NA LCS, it is not uncommon to watch other competitions, especially because of the international ones. Other regions/nations have similar tournaments but are not as popular as these three.

Rift Rivals

Only established this year, the Rift Rivals feature two rivalling regions all over the globe. While there are many of them, the most famous ones are the Rift Rivals of NA versus EU, and LCK versus LPL (Taiwan) versus LMS (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau). Players finally get to see their favourites battle it out against other professionals from different places. However, the rivalling regions are only limited to having matches against teams from the opposing region.

World Championships

This is what every League of Legends fans look forward to the most. With no border restrictions, teams match up against other teams from all around the globe. The best teams from NA, EU, South Korea, and many more, fight it out on the international stage. Needless to say, this is where many of the memorable plays, players, and teams happen.