DotA 2, LoL, CS: GO, Overwatch, and all your favorite eSports

In this so-called computer generation, from just being a form of entertainment, online games have now become an asset, a business that people can do while still having that sense of fun. The eSports world has essentially grown so much that people watch and enjoy it almost as if it was an actual sport. Unofficial blogs have popped up everywhere. As an unofficial blog ourselves for these games, we aim to provide you only the most up-to-date news about teams, leagues, and even professional players.

DotA 2

From the LAN community that started all the way from Warcraft 3 as a custom map, Defense of the Ancients has gone a long way to making their own separate game. With enhanced graphics and more heroes and modes every patch, players have a lot to be excited about. Of course, players of the now-called DotA 1 will surely not have a hard time learning DotA 2.

League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) is possibly one of the biggest eSports game that usually sparks competition against DotA 2 as another MOBA game. The mechanics make a huge difference between the two, aside from the cartoon type graphics that LoL has. However, LoL arguably has a lot more recognition worldwide from the sheer number of players and official pro teams and leagues from every region and country.


Counter-Strike does not plan on dying despite being one of the oldest and most popular games since the 2000’s.


As the counterpart of CS:GO, Overwatch, which was released just last year, has already hit the online gaming community by storm. With the first-person shooter 5v5 mechanics, the game twists the excitement by making different kinds of classes for different kinds of purposes.

All of these games are recommended, and you are sure to be hooked on them!