Is Counter-strike GO better than Counter-Strike 1.6

If you’re looking simply at the user ratings, Counter-Strike GO has absolutely nothing on 1.6. It is way better than just about every other Counter-Strike game ever produced because it is available so easily and because it doesn’t require a very powerful computer for you to run it. There are millions of people playing this game and even if you’re looking for a free copy, you won’t take too long to find it.

The ease with which servers can be created within 1.6 is another reason why it’s so popular, and the lack of restrictions when it comes to server creation for pirated games allows for just about anybody to join. Moreover, 1.6 is much more popular in developing countries which opens it up to a larger audience.

With CS:GO, you need better hardware and not every PC will be able to handle it. It uses a virtual market where free copies aren’t easily accessible and this makes it difficult for pirates to join servers. But, the main reason for this is because of all the money CS 1.6 lost because of mass piracy.

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Right now, CS:GO is quite popular but that’s basically because of matchmaking. Real Counter-Strike which means 5v5 with competitive rules was not something easily offered to the public. It was only in 2012 that we got to know what the real Counter-Strike was. People had to pay for renting these servers though. This was a frustrating and time-consuming process. But, with 5v5 CS easily accessible to the public, it’s become much more popular. Everybody can start playing Counter-Strike whenever they want now.

So you see it’s really difficult to determine whether Counter-Strike 1.6 is better than GO since both have their own set of fans. But when it comes to weapons, options, and maps, CS GO blows 1.6 out of the water.

Which one do you prefer?