Online betting sites in CS:GO

The Counter-Strike secondary market has been in the news quite a few times in the past. Valve has also banned several players for being involved in match-fixing scandals where they took dives so others could win huge prizes and bets at Counter-Strike skin bets.

Bloomberg has published reports showing how Counter-Strike offers teens a chance to gamble without really breaking the rules.

CS:GO is one of the most popular online games in the world and with such a huge fan following, it’s impractical to try and control everything that’s happening. It’s impossible more than anything else. Counter-Strike is supposed to be an online multiplayer game where kids can have fun. It shouldn’t be anything else.

If you really want to gamble, why not visit one of the countless online casinos and bet there. It is completely legal for you to place bets on casino games online. So why not engage in some betting instead? Even if casinos aren’t your thing, sports gambling is another avenue you can explore. With so much choice, why would anyone want to bet on something like video games? It just doesn’t make any sense, right?

No matter what we say though, the fact of the matter remains that people gamble on Counter-Strike sites. They don’t even need to take permission from Valve in order to do this. The gambling takes place with the help of skins as mentioned above. Don’t think that reduces its value in any way. People can end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on skin crates.

This, when combined with the potential here for underage betting, leaves the gambling scene around Counter-Strike in a very tricky situation. It needs to be regulated or this problem is never going to be addressed. Unfortunately, people will keep getting taken advantage of without any recourse until this day comes.