The 3 World’s Best DotA 2 Cybersportmen

DotA 2 as a MOBA game, requires a lot of teamwork to win the game. But even then, some players just completely outshine other players in terms of play-making ability and skill in general. Sometimes, DotA 2 games just need 1 right move on a target, possibly, and usually a carry, to win the game. A perfect and well-timed stun can get you all the glory for bringing the whole team to victory.

Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi

From being one skilled player on the public leaderboards, to the professional scene, it just seems right to add Miracle to the list. Although no longer with one of the dominant teams around the world, he undoubtedly made some game-changing plays. As an individual player, he was the first professional player to have reached a 9,000 MMR. Playing as the Anti-Mage, he became the reason Newbee lost their 29-winning streak.

Hu “Kaka” Liangzhi

Speaking of the 29-win streak of a Newbee, if there is anyone responsible for this, it would be no other than Kaka. With teammates, ChuaN, Hao, Mu, and kpii, the whole Newbee team just had perfect chemistry executing plays here and there with Kaka leading them towards victory. He was the mind of the team and with 4 other players he can rely on, there is no wonder why they went on to reach that record-breaking 29-win streak.

Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida

DotA 2 fans will most likely recognise his name as the person who was able to 1v5 solo the South Korean Team playing the Faceless Void. While Wings Gaming’s run was nothing short of successful in Seattle last year, nobody can deny the Faith_bian is one of the biggest influences to the team. While being reckless in the game can usually cause deaths, and may eventually lose the game, his recklessness almost seems like magic. Truly, his aggressiveness is what continually drives the game to favor his team winning.