The Unending Debate: DotA 2 or LoL?

With the MOBA gaming genre becoming one of the most popular genres of online competitive games, players have so many of these to choose from. Two games, however, have constantly been the subject of many players dilemma: DotA 2 or LoL? While both have been recognised worldwide having a lot of players from almost every country, players just cannot seem to stop debating about which is better. From the graphics to the skill required, both games have a lot of differences despite being essentially the same. There are just too many aspects of either game that makes it hard to compare the two. Regardless, a comparison seems inevitable at this point.

Why DotA 2?

People looking to continue on their loyalty from the original DotA custom maps from Warcraft 3 will experience the same intense feeling with DotA 2. The mechanics have not changed a lot since the first DotA, the heroes, the skills, the creep kills and denies all remains the same. In fact, these were even enhanced when DotA 2 finally got a game of its own. This is possibly where people make their claim in saying that DotA 2 is harder to play and is for more experienced players than LoL.

Why League of Legends?

Although it should be easier for players to move to DotA 2, League of Legends came 2 years earlier. Arguably, players could have stayed with DotA instead of moving to LoL but the convenience that LoL brought became the selling point. It was easier to queue up with people around the region more than in DotA 2. Mechanics have been set and fixed and all that the players needed to do was to just play the game. That is aside from the seemingly entirely new set of features such as the brushes, new champions, no denying, and others.

The debate on which is a better game to play will continue to go on. Nevertheless, one thing remains the same for both the games: they definitely are both addicting.